Your Journey to Excellence

Journey to ExcellenceTM is a unique and entertaining adventure in shooting sports for all skill levels.

This original and proprietary curriculum is designed to develop guests’ skills in the shooting disciplines of their choosing and to advance their proficiency from beginner to master.

Master the Core

Master the Core, gaining fundamental firearms knowledge and skills. Then, Answer the Call by choosing a discipline to specialize in—from self-defense to competition shooting to clay sports. Limited lessons currently available and listed below. Additional lessons in self-defense, competition shooting and clay sports are in development and will launch Summer of 2024.

Master the Core – Level 1

This one-day course is for current and prospective Staccato 2011 owners who want to develop a better understanding of the 2011 platform, care and maintenance of the 2011, and the fundamentals of employing the 2011. Upon completion of the course, all attendees will possess the skills needed for owning, maintaining, and operating a 2011 pistol.

Master the Core – Level 2

This one-day course is for students who want to continue to build upon the skills learned in level 1 and gain an advanced level of proficiency with a handgun.  This course will focus on advanced drills to increase proficiency with a handgun to include target transitions, reloads, target acquisition, increasing draw speed, etc. Advanced techniques such as shooting on the move and improvised shooting positions will also be trained and discussed. Students will leave with an advanced level of proficiency in multi-target engagements, speed draws and reloads, shooting on the move and improvised shooting positions.

Master the Core – Level 3 – Shooting on the Move

This one-day course is for students who have completed Staccato 1 and 2 and want to continue to expand their level of proficiency with the staccato handgun.  This course is a continuation of the final exercises practiced during Staccato 2 with added emphasis on shooting on the move.  Staccato 1 and 2 are pre-requisites to ensure each student has an established foundation in shooting skills related to the 2011 pistol.

Master the Core – Level 4 – Red Dot Transition

This one-day course is for pistol owners who have red dot sights (RDS) and want to develop a better understanding of the techniques for deploying and utilizing RDS pistols. This course covers types of RDS sights, the carry and utilization of RDS mounted pistols and the pros and cons of the RDS. This course is designed for those who already possess basic firearm skills and want to advance to the next level.

The Challenger (Competition Shooting)

The Challenger is for people who want to learn and test themselves in the arena of competition. These lessons are taught by Todd Jarrett— a 4-time World Champion and 16-time U.S. National Champion in action shooting sports.

The Challenger – Advanced Competition Shooting

This 2-day class will teach all the tricks of the trade in action shooting sports such as USPSA / IDPA. If you are looking to cut down your learning curve, this is the class for you. Any and all divisions for handguns are welcome. Iron sights and red dots are allowed.

The Challenger – Shooting on the Move

This 2-day class of shooting with movement will test your skills from 3yds to 25yds on the move. This class will push the student in different types of strategies for defense and/or competition. This class is designed for LE Agencies, Military, and action shooters.

The Challenger – Red Dot

This will be a 2-day class on understanding the fundamentals and principles of red dot shooting and why it’s today’s fastest-growing segment in the handgun world. We will cover why red dot optic can be an advantage for everyday carry. If you’re in Law Enforcement, Government agencies, Military or CCW holders this will be a great opportunity to take your skills to a new level.

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