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Pure Staccato

Breaking Boundaries

Staccato is breaking the boundaries of traditional shooting by designing experiences you’ll find almost nowhere else. With run and gun style courses, dynamic steel challenges and night shooting, you’ll have fun creating memories while challenging yourself and improving your shooting skills at all levels—whether you’re a first-time shooter or pro.

Staccato Ranch features firearms classes from world-class instructors, so you can train to shoot your best. Master the fundamentals skills of firearms handling and the 2011 platform. Then, advance to red dot shooting, shooting on the move, reactive shooting and more to develop your proficiency, build your confidence and pursue excellence. We value humility and offer an inviting environment, so we can welcome new shooters into the Staccato family.

At The Ranch

Based in the heart of Texas, we are veteran-led and over 25% of our team has served our country. Driven to deliver the best of American ingenuity and precision manufacturing, our promise is that we will always have your back. We strive to achieve our best every day – a common bond we share with our family of Staccato owners.

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